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Both appear to portend outstanding breakthroughs. In fact, an eclipse will often instantly change the timetables of your goals—pushing them forward at dizzying speeds.


Often an event from the outside world, over which you have no control, will come to your doorstep to bring about change. Eclipses repeat signs and precise mathematical degree every 19 years, so think back to August 7, and August 21, ; the eclipses will be similar in many ways. Try to find a theme that emerged back then—a new set of opportunities will arise now along the same lines.

Think of an eclipse as a full moon or new moon on steroids—it has a long sphere of influence, possibly as long as a full year. The coming eclipses in August are unique in their friendly nature.

Most eclipses are mixed, some are downright difficult, but these are sunny and affirming, which is highly unusual. The first one, the lunar full moon eclipse of August 7 , brings a lovely interplay between the lunar eclipse and Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck. At the same time, the lunar eclipse will also receive comforting vibrations from Saturn.

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We have not seen an eclipse this dramatic in the US since February 26, Media will be filled with news, photos, and diagrams, and many people will travel to the cities in the path of totality to view the dramatic beauty of temporary night in the middle of the day. The solar eclipse opens a path, Uranus brings untraditional innovation, and Saturn, structure and security.

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This new moon lit your eleventh house of friendship and social groups, and that is where all the action will be focused in the first half of September. You may be invited to a cocktail or dinner party, banquet, fundraiser, industry event, or other gathering that you will be excited to attend. Neptune, planet of compassion, will work well with this new moon, so you may become involved with a charity fundraiser that is quite heavenly, beautifully appointed with sumptuous foods, delicious wines, fragrant flowers, and possibly delightful music and populated by interesting, successful types who will inspire you to go after a dream.

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