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When young, they are likely to have poor eating habits. But once they make the effort to alter their eating habits, they become habituated to leafy green vegetables and fresh fruit. October 28 natives have a desire to wield power. They don't need to be in a visible position, nor do they hunger after compliments. What they want is the power to make decisions. Money is seldom a key issue with them, except in the way it gives them leverage.

They are careful handlers of money. October 28 people are tough on others and tougher on themselves. Getting to where they want to go is worth a lot to these scrappy types, but they will not compromise their ethics. Cystitis which is the inflammation of the gall bladder, cause by various pathogenic agents. Varicocele which are dilated and twisted veins of the testis, similar with hemorrhoids but in the scrotum. Hemorrhoids which is the inflammation of the vascular structures in the anal canal that cause hemorrhages. October 28 zodiac animal and other Chinese connotations.

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October 28, 2004 Birthday Facts

The element connected with the Goat symbol is the Yin Wood. This zodiac animal has 3, 4 and 9 as lucky numbers, while 6, 7 and 8 are considered unfortunate numbers. The lucky colors for this Chinese sign are purple, red and green, while coffee, golden are the ones to be avoided. Chinese zodiac general characteristics. These are a few general peculiarities that may be representative for this zodiac animal: intelligent person likes clear paths rather than unknown paths patient person shy person These are a few love characteristics that may be representative for this sign: needs re-assurance of love feelings difficult to conquer but very open afterwards sensitive dreamer A few symbolist features related to the social and interpersonal relations skills of this sign are: has few close friends takes time to open prefers quiet frienships proves to be reserved and private Strictly referring on how a native ruled by this sign manage his career we may conclude that: likes working in team works well in any environment believes that routine is not Something That Bad is very rarely initiating something new.

Chinese zodiac compatibilities.

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Chinese zodiac career. Chinese zodiac health. When it comes to health, there are several aspects that can be stated about this symbol:. Famous people born with the same zodiac animal.

Examples of famous people born under the same zodiac animal are:. March 11 - November October 12 am - pm.

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